NJ's House is a Candidate School, for the Primary Years Programme, pursuing authorization as an IB World School. These are schools that share a common philosophy- a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education.

NJ's is a subsidiary of Headstart School, it is governed by a committed and creative team of teachers. These are our teaching journeys.
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    Quotable - Dorothy Parker, born 22 August 1893, died 7 June 1967

    The 10 Most Memorable Dorothy Parker Quotes

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     yúyīn 餘音 / 余音

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  • Japan Adopts the IB

    Japan’s Own IB Initiative

    "…an initiative has emerged from within the Japanese government to make the IB a permanent fixture of Japanese secondary education, rather than an anomaly. In its report on a “global human resource development strategy” issued in June 2012, the prime minister’s Council on Promotion of Human Resource for Globalization Development recommends “increasing the number of schools where students can receive the IB diploma upon graduation, or receive a comparable education, to approximately 200 over the next five years.”

    The emergence of such a strategy reflects a rising awareness within the private, public, and academic spheres that Japan must do a better job developing “global human resources ”—people capable of thinking independently and exercising leadership in a culturally diverse international environment—if it is to play a leading role in today’s globalized economy and society.”

    Read the full article at www.nippon.com

  • Anyone visiting Karachi? This could be a very exciting exhibit to visit with kids.


    This exhibition showcases historic maps and prints of the areas that make up Pakistan, along with the neighbouring territories of Afghanistan, Iran, Central Asia, India and China. The displays span five hundred years, from the date of the first printed map of the subcontinent in the 1480s, to the survey maps of the 1940s. 

    The exhibition is presented in eleven sections and features over ninety rare and beautiful maps and prints, including the seminal Decima Asie Tabula, first published in 1486, and James Rennel’s 1788 Map of Hindoostan, or the Mogul Empire. In addition, there is documentary footage on the Silk Road and on the early mapmakers.

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  • dheerebolo:

    Chirya, Chu(n) Chu(n), aur Chappal

    To build phonemic awareness, Farva invited Year 1 and Year 2 students to work with each Urdu alphabet and draft their own alliterations, i.e. sentences containing many words that begin with the same sound.

    Here is M passing this exercise with flying colours for the sound /ch/.

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  • Good news parents! The world is preparing to meet us half way!

    Admissions officers from local colleges will give info and answer your questions about how to get into college without a traditional high school diploma. Hosted by Open Road Learning Community for Teens.

    May 15 - May 16
    May 15 at 7:00pm to May 16 at 9:00pm

    5441 SE Belmont Street, Portland, Oregon 97215

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  • We created a make-shift recording booth in a spare room at school, in order to record the songs we have been writing and also to create the Urdu podcasts we launched two months ago.

    The recording booth was put together with the help of grade 2 students, using recycled and found materials that we had lying around. One day after school, we let R, who is just turning five, have a go at some playback singing; she is listening to the track we recorded through the headphones, and singing along.

    Super cute!

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  • Pens are telescopes. Sometimes they can can see far away things, even under water, sometimes they see what happened long ago.

    Pens talk to their pen caps, they argue a lot about who is bigger. Both pens and caps enjoy hide and seek - ready or not,  here i come!

    Pens are expert sleeve travelers. They sleep under pillows and inside toy trucks.